Don’t Be Surprised If You See Homes With Pictures and Paintings, Wall to Wall

It’ll be like you’re walking into a salon with all the pictures and paintings of clean-cut-hair models with the teased look and shaved appeal — except those pictures and paintings more or less would be family members, pets, and landscapes (most likely of Thomas Kinkade), wall to wall, left to right, up and down. Chances are you won’t even see the wall!

This Is the Real Estate Trend We’re Seeing in 2015: Pictures and Paintingsreal estate kinkade

Out of all the real estate trends this year as you research and then perhaps advertise as a realtor or house flipper extraordinaire, this one may be one of the easiest to incorporate. Just get a bunch of pictures, flood the walls, and staging’s halfway done (okay, maybe not halfway, but close to it). There’s still some strategy involved, though, with setting up the pictures and paintings all around the house, obviously as a seller — but as a homeowner as well.

You Want It to Be Cohesive and Uniform

This isn’t one of those hip, cheesy, manly barber shops where the raunchy posters are matted and glued onto the wall haphazardly everywhere in sort of a montage mosaic sort of feel. You’re not pasting craziness here. Rather, each one of those pictures and paintings need to be structured straight, with same mat, frame and subject matter.

Space all of your pictures and paintings at the very most five inches apart. Start at the center and work your way outward. Your eye level matters the most. If you have to look up to see the picture, it’s too high; if you have to look down to see the picture, it’s too low.

A great way to do this is to use “frog tape” and map all of it out, saving you the trouble of peeling the paint off by accident. You just might want to set up the design first on the floor, making it look like one big jigsaw puzzle.

Just Remember: Cohesion, Uniformity, and Tell a Story

Pictures and paintings do tell such an epic. So be epic. Are you flipping a house and renovating for top dollar? Let the house have words with your pictures and paintings, and not only will you be current with the real estate trends this 2015, but you’ll have some great conversation pieces to entertain your guests well if you’re just a homeowner making memories in your dwelling.

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